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Sanitary Pad

Adult Diaper

Sanitary Napkin Pad : We have 3 category here

  • Sanitary Pads Trifold Economy Pad – 280 mm
  • Sanitary Pads Trifold Premium 280mm – for Maternity and Heavy flow
  • Sanitary Pads Trifold Premium Organic 320MM (Treated Cotton with No chorine )
Highlights and Features Economy Premium Premium Organic
NON Scent for skin friendly YES YES YES
Soft and Dry YES YES YES
Leak proof YES YES YES
Wider wings for protection YES YES YES
Gel Technology YES YES YES
Soft Organic Cotton NA NA YES
Super and quick Absorbent YES YES YES
Anion Chip YES YES NA
Untreated Cotton with Breathable Layer YES YES YES
100% Organic Cotton With Breathable Layer NA NA Yes
Chlorine Free YES YES YES
No of Layers 7 7 7