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Adult Diaper Incinerator

Adult Diaper

Diaper Incinerator :

Another Important product introduced by use is disposal of Diapers in a environment friendly mode through Diaper Incinerators. The product works in the same mode like Sanitary Pad incinerators.

Key Features:

  • Cabinet Construction is with solid thickness with CRCA heavy Gauge
  • Works with a Twin Burning Chamber primary and Secondary both with SS304
  • Burning Process control ,Primary and secondary chamber temperature with 900°C
  • Waste Disposal : Works on Twin Tray System , 1 Tray for the Ash removal and the 2nd for the removing Auxiliary left out solid waste if any
  • Twin Temp Control –Regulatable Automatic Digital Controller ( RADC) technology . It’s a Lone pair Controller for both primary and secondary Chambers
  • Thermal substance to protect loss of heat , a unique thermal lining is insulated to protect the thermal loss( High density CERA fiber board )
  • Sensor – “K” type Thermocouple
  • StartUp Timer switch – For better control of Power consuming the machine when in idle mode will automatically switch off and the temperature will drop down to room temp .