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Food and Agri waste Composition Machine

Adult Diaper

Green Bin – Food and Agri waste Organic Composition Machine :

Organic Waste mainly from food and Agri is a worldwide Challenge. It cost huge for disposing it out , with virtually no gain out of it .Rather on the contrary, it releases the emission of harmful gases such as methane etc which is one of the Major problem nowadays world is facing to solve.

To address this challenge we have come out with a key solution for both food and agri waste by the method of composting the waste into useful soil protector through this machine called Organic Composition Machine ( OCM)

The design of this OCM is fully automatic with a High compact composting Machine.

Key Component for OCM

  • PLC monitor
  • U shaped composting tank
  • A heater immersed in oil tank
  • Mixed Blade
  • An Exhaust system

Process :

All the Organic Wastes (Food and Agri ) will be loaded into the Tank and Machine will be Power switch (ON). The Process is noiseless as there is no crushing or grinding involved . In the process waste will be converted into Compost manure and all this happens in less than 48 hrs .