Ecofriendly Water Sterilizer Dealers
Ozone Water Sterilizer uses the ozone technology to provide water that is completely safe. In nature, Sun produces the ozone (UV rays) which causes a germicidal effect on disease and causes pathogens in water. Our HP5 uses ozone purification method to treat the water. When the raw water is exposed to ozone (UV rays), they are sterilized and the output we get is safe drinking water.
Our HP5 is our water treatment system that purifies the raw water available at home/ office etc. Our HP5 uses ozone purification method to treat the water. Our HP5 disinfects the water completely by killing all the microorganisms such as bacteria, virus, algae etc. Removes all organic impurities, toxins, chemicals, bad odor and bad taste as well.
It is an advanced ready to use system that needs just inlet and outlet water connections. Our HP5 has everything inbuilt such as ozone generation unit, input feed gas preparation, ozone mixing pump and venturi injection system. So it needs no other additional connections or inputs - just power connection is needed. Our HP5 takes in normal water and gives out ozone treated water.
Also our system comes with an inbuilt integrated timer setup - such that the machine can automatically switch on at a particular time interval each day. This time can be set by the user at his convenience - and our HP5 will switch on automatically within that time. This ensures that no monitoring is required.


Ecofriendly Water Sterilizer Dealers

“Higher Models – HP10, HP50 available for higher capacities”

  • Model No.: HP5
  • Power Consumption : 950 watts
  • Power Input: 230V ac 50 hz
  • Enclosure Body: Mild Steel Powder coated
  • Treatment capacity: Upto 5000 liters / day
  • Pump : SS 0.5 hp
  • Water outlet pressure: 25-42 psi
  • Maximum suction: 9 feet
  • Water inlet and outlet connection: 1 " CPVC pipe (1" Male)
  • Dimension (LxWxH): 520 x 350 x 645 mm
  • Weight : 45 Kgs
  • Operating temperature: 0-45 degree Celsius
  • Mounting: Floor standable Warranty : 1 Year
  • “Higher capacity models available”