Air Sterilizer for Pets

We all love pets, but the main problem why we don’t adopt pets are pet dander and pet hair which causes an allergic reaction to our skin. It triggers us to itchy eyes, sneezing. Dander is made up of microscopic particles, it can float in the air, or it can get trapped in furniture, carpets or bed.

We have introduced the Air Sterilizer for Pets to protect us from pet dander. Air purifier for pets helps in filtering out odors and dirt from your home. It’s a handy device which helps to purify the air which you and your animal breathe. Our Air Sterilizer for Pets will cut the amount of dust, pet dander, and dust mites present in your home environment.It will enable easy breathing for all in the room.

The Purification Process

Air Sterilizer for Pets

When the Ozone molecule is released in a lower sphere, it oxidizes the pollutant and changes its structure therefore destroying the organisms attached to it. This process eradicates the source of the odour making the air environment friendly and pure.


  • Destroys all kinds of odour,including factory fumes,chemicals,decayed body or as basic as Kitchen Residues.
  • Eradicates all Kinds of bacteria,Viruses and other Micro Organism to Sanitize the Place.
  • Eliminates Odour through a natural Purifying Process.
  • Removes Allergy causing Pollens, Microbes,Molds and Mildews.
  • The Process of Purification is completely natural and not chemical.
  • High Speed blower to cover long distance.