Air Sterilizer for hospitals
Air sterilizers for hospitals is the air purifying device which removes bad odour, bacteria, Viruses, Micro Organisms from the air in a room. Our sterilizers are commonly called as Ozonizer for Homes because it eliminates any odour in the room with the use of ozone. Air sterilizers are commonly used in commercial industries, Hotels, Hospitals, medical centres, industrial places. We specially design Air Sterilizer for Hospitals and for Pets to maintain the hygiene and pleasant environment.

“There are two types of Air Sterilizers – Handheld Air Sterilizer, which is easy to take around and sterilize specific rooms. The second type is Wall Mounted – which can be fixed permanently in the room for continuous sterilization”

Air Sterilizer for Hospitals

Air Sterilizer for Hospitals

We know that there is lot of pollutants in the air. We frequently go to hospital for various reasons. Generally It’s important to have Air Sterilization in Hospitals because to maintain the health of visitors, staff and patients. Our Advanced product is specially designed for Air Sterilization for Hospitals.

We used the ozone technique in the Air Sterilizer to eliminate odour or micro organisms in a short span with a room size extending up to 250sqft and the device comes with a timer too. Some benefits of using Air Sterilizer for Hospitals are, Ozone is a most effective agent which cleans hospitals more effectively than chlorine.

Our Air Sterilizer for Hospital device helps to increases the level of oxygen in the air which helps us for healthier breath. Finally it is used to remove medicines odors and other pungent smell present in the air.

The Purification Process

Air sterilizer for hospitals

When the Ozone molecule is released in a lower sphere, it oxidizes the pollutant and changes its structure therefore destroying the organisms attached to it. This process eradicates the source of the odour making the air environment friendly and pure.


  • Destroys all kinds of odour,including factory fumes,chemicals,decayed body or as basic as Kitchen Residues.
  • Eradicates all Kinds of bacteria,Viruses and other Micro Organism to Sanitize the Place.
  • Eliminates Odour through a natural Purifying Process.
  • Removes Allergy causing Pollens, Microbes,Molds and Mildews.
  • The Process of Purification is completely natural and not chemical.
  • High Speed blower to cover long distance.